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Dye sublimation is the process of turning a water-based dye

ink into a gas that bonds with polyester fabric or other polymers.


  • ​High Definition Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Wood

  • Fabric

  • Dry Erase

  • Chromaluxe Floor Panels

  • Buffalo Glass Tiles

About Dye Sublimation

Learn More About Dye Sublimation


Please take a moment and watch our video. You will learn more about Peeq Imaging's capabilities & services, and view some of our latest client work.



Professional Quailty

A beautiful and easy way to decorate your environment without the requirement of frames, although framing your dye sub prints looks great too!  The dye sublimation prints on Chromaluxe aluminum offer a clean professional

presentation with a durable surface. Whether it’s photos

for an art exhibit or prints for the office, dye sublimation

prints will impress.


Museum Exhibit Graphics

Display your Artifacts

The durable surface and variety of sublimation materials

provide unique solutions for interactive spaces.

The materials allow designers to create graphic solutions

not possible with other printing technologies. Find out how

dye sublimation can help you to create environments for 

an impressive visitor experience. 

Dry Erase

Wall to Wall


Interactive is not the sole domain of electronic devices.

Unirase® steel enables interaction by combining a high

definition printing surface with magnets and a dry erasable

surface that allows individuals to express ideas freely and

interact visually in a group setting. 

Custom Retail Furniture

Decorate your Space

Dye sublimation offers durability, deep rich image quality,

and a phenolic laminate that allows custom furniture designs for retail environments. Whether it’s a simple table

top or more complex built-in cabinetry, we can print and

fabricate furniture or work with your fabricators to install

the printed laminate on their creations. The dye sublimation phenolic is easy to install on substructures making dye

sublimation printing ideal for custom environments. 


Custom Environments

Create Your Own Reality


When a sticker won’t do dye sublimation onto aluminum,

steel, wood, phenolic laminate, flooring, or glass tile is a

higher quality, more durable, more permanent solution.

Contact us to discuss a project.

PEEQ IMAGING 480 Gotham Parkway Carlstadt, NJ  07072 p: 212.490.3850

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