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Keeping your brand standards consistent whether it is at a subway station or on Signage and Billboards in Times Square, we work with you every step of the way, and use our worldwide network to provide you quality and innovative services where ever you might need them.

  • Billboards

  • Subway Sheets

  • Bus Kings

  • Station Domination


Peeq Imaging Video

Learn More About Peeq Imaging

Please take a moment and watch our video. You will learn more about Peeq Imaging's capabilities & services, and view some of our latest client work.


Stand Out 

When your ideas go big, so do we! Peeq Imaging easily prints your concepts to large scale Billboards and Signage. 

Subway Sheets

Public Display

Reach local business and the general public. From Subway platforms to Subway interiors, Peeq Imaging can display your message.

Bus Kings

Drive Strong Impressions

Leave a lasting impact on pedestrians, motorists and passengers. Maximize exposure for your organization

in a stand-alone environment.

Station Domination

Complete Coverage

Peeq Imaging can help your business within a targeted trading zone. We help cover the marketing place with your

vision and message.

PEEQ IMAGING 480 Gotham Parkway Carlstadt, NJ  07072 p: 212.490.3850

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